Polite Greetings at Your Front Door

Does you dog jump up on you and your guests when you come in through the door? To you dog, it's perfectly natual behavior -- how else to sniff your muzzle? Here are a couple of suggestions to help teach your dog that polite and patient behavior is rewarded by your attention and treats. Calm homecomings encourage your dog to be calm.

  • Have some treats or a favorite toy to toss behind the dog as you enter the house and say "take it" or "find it." As your dog returns, walk toward him, standing up straight and ask for a "sit." Reward him with your affection and attention while he has all four paws on the floor. If he jumps, say "too bad" and ignore him by going into another room or letting him outside. Once he's calm, play a fun game such as fetch or hide and seek (you hide).
  • Practice with guests at the front door. Have your dog on a leash and attach it to a sturdy piece of furniture 10 feet back. Ask your guest to only pay attention to your dog when he's got four on the floor or sitting. Reward this polite behavior by having them pet him below his chin or tossing a treat. If he starts to jump up, have them back away from him and ignore him until he's calm.
  • Ask for an alternate behavior. When teaching "sit," "wait," or "stay" practice at 10 feet back from your door.

Classes and private lessons are great ways to get you and your dog in the swing of learning and reinforcing desirable behaviors. Call or click here for a schedule of classes.

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