Kindred Spirit uses humane training methods based on positive reinforcement and modern training theory. Lori Katz, Certified Dog Trainer, and her excellent staff instructors are dedicated to offering you the finest instruction. We coach you to train your dog and to give clear cues. As you teach your dog real world skills, you become an effective leader who understands behaviors from a dog's perspective. Your dog will learn to be more patient, polite, and relaxed.

Here is a lesson in how to teach your dog "polite greetings" when you come home or when visitors arrive.

Kindred Spirit Dog Training sets you & your dog apart from the pack!

  • You'll become an effective Leader of your Pack          
  • You'll use our Scientifically Proven Methods
  • We coach you to Reward your Dog for great behaviors the right things
  • You'll learn Dog Body Language and skills to best communicate
  • FREE Shelter & Rescue Dog Training Materials
  • Service & Therapy Dog Training  
  • Phone support & Consultations

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